Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Best Thrift Store Find!!

Ok, so remember my last post about my search for the perfect stools for my new dining table?

Well, the search is FINALLY over!!!! After working the graveyard shift, I was so tired and all I wanted was to get home and climb into bed. Yeah that didn't work out so well since I live so close to my favorite thrift store.

As I tried to make the turn to go home, I saw the most beautiful stools out front and I HAD to check them out.

There were 4... 2 in good shape and 2 in not so good shape. The deal was $70 bucks for all 4, but I only need 2, so I was able to them a good price,  $20 each instead of the original $25.

It was so meant to be, they fitted perfectly inside of my car! That rarely happens for me. But now that I'm thinking about it, I did see some lovely candle holders so worth the price of $5 each for the pair. I so should have scooped them up. Here's hoping they are there on Friday!*fingers crossed*

My lucky thrifty finds:

Cushions included! Even better!

Please ignore the clutter, packing in progress

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Barstools Anyone?

My inspiration pic
So, next month I officially move into my very own apartment and boy I can't wait!!!!! Currently I'm trying to figure out which stools will look good with this cute kitchen set I plan on buying.

It comes with 2 stools of it own, but they are backless and though I plan to eventually replace them they will do for now along with the additions I want to incorpoarte with them.
My bestie and I stopped by Target yesterday and I got a feel for what they had on hand but I was hoping to find more options online and boy did I :
These looks similar to the ones I like in the above pic, and reasonably priced $89.99
This one is more decoravtive but the style is amazing, $79.99

Simple but it looks so comfortable, $89.99
I really like this one but I'm still tryin to figure out if it will go with the look I'm after, $69.98
  Well hopefully I will find what I'm looking for soon...

Monday, July 5, 2010


The lovely couple
Can you tell how excited I am by my title alone?

The day has finally arrived for my bestie to walk down the isle and marry her guy and I , of course, will be her bridesmaid. Last week I was fitted for my dress and boy was that a horrible experience!

I had to try on a bustier, that turned out to be USED and DIRTY...ewwwww, but all in all the dress was amazing. But of course I was forgetting something right?... Yes you guessed it, the JEWELRY!!!!

My bestie asked me if I had my jewels and just so I didn't have to witness a bridezilla moment, I fibbed and said yes!

As soon as she and the soon-to-be hubby dropped me off, I immediately ran to my computer and got on, http://www.forever21.com/er21.com/, and ordered the most beautiful jewels!

They all match so perfectly and you know I'm going to share:
This bracelet matched so well with the necklace & earrings
I so adore this necklace

Silver floral with faux pearls in the center, great match for the necklace
A lady must always have a purse for any occasion
I bought this but I gave it the Bride for her somehing new
Isn't everything so adorable? Awww I CAN"T WAIT!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Saturday.......Yea....... I guess?....

So as the title says, yea its Saturday!... but I'm so not in the Saturday mood! Weird huh? This is a day off for me and I'm utterly no enthused in the slightest bit.

See, besides work, which is a whole other blog, I have absolutely nothing to do! I want to start an Etsy shop, but with no car and the longest walk of my life to the busstop, it just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me to go and purchase the supplies I need.

Now I know what you're saying, why don't I just go and order what I need online? Well, ya see I'm a baragin shopper, I like going to different shops and thrift stores and finding what I need. Being as I can't, I have no choice but to wait patiently until I can do something.

Borrowing my mom's car would be a go, but being as she doesn't take good care of her vechiles,( I bought my now transmissionless car from her), I so do NOT have the courage to try to trek all the way to Fayetteville and where ever else I would need to hit.

 Trust me, you wouldn't either. Normally a day off would mean a much needed trip to the thrift store but I haven't had the energy lately... especially not since I discovered Etsy.com. As soon as I discovered how much was in my stash account, stashed for dire thrifty store fiend fixes, I immediately ordered 3 items that I had my eye on and am now awaiting their arrival.

Atleast I have my besties' wedding to look forward to. In exactly 27 days, I will get to be a bridesmaid for the first time in my life.

My dress has arrived at the shop, my jewerly arrived yesterday and my MUCH needed bustier, (ladies I don't know if its a blessing or a curse but I have 46DD...all natural mind you) was delivered about 3 days ago. So as far as the wedding is concerned I'm all set. But again that's not for 27 day and on this Saturday I'm still bored out of my skull... What Am I To Do?

More Etsy.com I guess...
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