Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Logos...

For my baking business!!!

A friend and myself started a baking business this year called, K & T Sweet Eats.

Basically, we make everything from scratch and try to add new eats each week.

Though this is not my true calling, it is still a great passion of mine and I love baking so why not share and make a profit.

I recently hired a good friend of mine to design our official logos and he came up
with 2 great concepts so I decided to use both.

Here they are:
So us!!!!

I love this one too!!!!
 Our newest Sweet of the Week:

Come Treat Yourself!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Like So Many Before Me...

 I have decided to do the impossible...

Reupholster a CHAIR!!!!!

Isn't She Lovely?

Well it's not too imposeible and the chair is FREE!

Yes, FREE!!!!!!

It all started early one morning on my way to work, as I was driving along I noticed a living room armchair beside the dumpster.

It was calling my name.

 But since I was already late for work, I continued right on. Thinking to myself that if it's meant for me then it would be there after my 8 hour shift.

So on I went.

Well it turns out that it was meant to be mine, as soon as I returned home I noticed that it was still there patiently waiting for me to bring it home.

I had to have a little help getting it into my house, so I enliseted my roommate's boyfriend.

We planted my new lovely in the living room right next to my workstation.

At this very moment I'm washing the cushion cover and I have to disinfect the outside before I will even start the project of taking her apart very carefully.

Hopefully tomorrow I can stop at Hobby lobby and look over some fabric and get an idea of how I want her to look.

Wish me luck, I have the feeling I'm going to need it...
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