Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It Feels Good To Be Back...

... After such a long hiatus away!

What have I been up to?

Well last August I quit my job of 14 years, because the thought of working for a company that payed horrible wages accompanied with the insecure OLDER females at my job spreading rumors about me, it all became too much! 

I needed to re-evaluate and take stock of my life.

I'd worked at a well known grocery store since the age of 16, and every turn I took to move up in the company for better benefits and more money was met with total discouragement and flat out disrespect. 

People wanted me to maintain certain positions that I was screaming to get out of because I did my job well. Great compliment but to be pigeon held was so nerve wrecking. I knew I was capable of more. I'm ambitious and my needs were not being met.

I'm 31, who has time for that?

I knew I wanted more for my life and I needed to make a change.

 I was nervous and scared but I prayed and took a leap of faith.

I'M SO GLAD I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had already started making custom wallets from recycled books/magazines, etc on the side and my clientele was building so I threw myself into my hobby/business and since I opened my Etsy shop I've been so happy!!!!!!

I love Roe1983 SO much. 

It is all of the things that I myself would carry/wear mixed with my eclectic nature. 

It combines my love for flowers, comics and sparkles and I love every bit of it.

I even added earrings to my shop and am in the process of adding adorable tote bags!! I'm truly blessed!!

The one positive about working at a grocery store, where you encounter customers of so many different backgrounds, is the fact that they hammer customer service into you.

I've received such wonderful reviews from my customers and it makes me work even harder!

I'm going to start making the time to keep up my blog because I've missed being here and I definitely want to mark my journey to what I feel deep in my heart will be a better life.

There will be bumps but the bounty will be great!!

It's So Good To Be Back!!!!!

I've not given up on my dream of baking. I've just put it on hold. Fashion/Accessories were my passion for so long before I started teaching myself how to bake and I've found my way back to it.

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