Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well said
Ok.... So I'm technically not moving until August, but I like to have a plan and my plan has already kicked into high gear!

At the moment I'm taking a little break (which will be one on many because I have to work a night shift tonight), but I'm in the process of vacuuming AND shampooing my carpet because my brother decided it would be cool to bring a kitten in from outside and now I have carpet fleas!!!!

Can't describe to you how irritating they are but I refuse to be conquered so I'm on a mission to rid myself of their company. I finally got my old dresser out of my room and into my mom's room, so now I can finally put to REAL use my, great thrift store find, armoire.

My goal is to have as few big furniture pieces as I can manage. Along with the armoire, my great sleigh bed WILL be staying but I will be getting rid of my computer desk and TV stand, so that I can go with something that's more my style, Shabby chic and vintage.

Hopefully when I find such pieces I can then upload the pics.

Guess my little break is up....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Sims 3
So it's been a little over 2 or 3 months since I last had the chance to play my Sims 3 pc game, and they have been the saddest months of 2010 so far. See, I rely heavily on sims to keep myself occupied especially since I live in a household that I no longer wish to be apart of. Don't get me wrong I love my mother and my little brothers but I need more space and more quiet and most definitely more PRIVACY!!!! So until it's my time to move out, I play any and all Sims (via my personal comp), because first of all the games are addictive, and secondly so I can pass the time a whole lot faster. Trust me, I've started at like 9 am and ended at like 12 pm, like I'm so for real!!!!

But a while back my comp stopped reading my sim disc, so I've been stuck with nothing. I have no clue what to do, because I can't have my comp repaired any time soon and I can't afford a new comp right now. When you are trying to move out, your priorities shift completely and thoughh I'm sad without my sims....there's nothing I can do.... sad isn't it....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Lovely & Thrifty Day

Today was such a nice day! Not only did I have the company of my friend Brittany, but we also got the chance to hit up the local thrift stores to find some stuff for her future apartment and mine as well. This is her first apartment and we've all been there, needing to find the things we need to make our new place a real home. She purchased a mattress set and she found a great sofa bed in wonderful condition for a steal, just $75!!!! Can you believe it?!?

I did pretty good too, though I'm not moving into my future place until August, I like to be prepared. So every chance spent inside of a thrift store is a chance of making my home truly complete for when I move in. Here are some of the other steals that I made away with:

(purchased for $3; great with some paint, a flower pot and some great blooms)

(purchased for $3; so happy I found this priced one at a local shop and they were asking for $9.99, I'm so going to use my Grandma's Baked Mac & Cheese recipe for this one!!!)

(altogether purchased for $2.50; some great nicknack for the apartment)

(purchased for $4; still don't know what I want to do with these but I will find something)
(purchased for $1 & $1.25; I like these for my half bath, I want to use them for qtips and cotton balls)

(orginally $5 BUT purchased for $2.50; the shop owner saw that it had a chip and instantly told me I could have it half off, I didn't even have to ask!!!. Great for flowers!!)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Let's Light This Sucker Up!!

So around late 2006, I discovered Marshall's for the first time. Well let me clarify, I'd been to the store but that was when I was younger and you can never appreciate anything at the age of 9 or 10. So when I moved into my first apartment, with a psycho roommate (another blog for another time), I decided that I needed to decorate ASAP and that's when it happened.

I remember it as if it was yesterday.... I walked in out of the warm humidity and I was instantly cooled, refreshed and ready to shop! I saw a lot of cool and wonderful things that I knew I could not bring home, my psyhco roommate wanted to control the decor, but the ones that I loved the most were these beautiful pink glassed hanging lanterns:
Glowy & pink... a perfect combo
Now at the time, in 2006, they were going for $30. That's not a bad price but when you barely make enough to pay rent you tend to focus on what really matters, so I refrained from purchasing them and hoped that one day I could. Well yesterday was that day and boy did I get this for a STEAL!!!

 Only $12!!!! 12 bucks!!!!!!!! I'm still in awe of the price, I so lucked up on this shopping trip. Though the other lantern was not there I'm sure if I continue to look around I will find it some where or maybe something better, but just the fact that I have this one is enough.
Now all I have to do is figure out how I'm going to hang it up and where.... hmmmm...

~~ Update ~~
Well my lovely lantern found a nice comfy spot hanging in my upstairs bath,
Perfect spot...

I made the rope myself with a knotting skill I learned when I was a little girl

Can you make out the tea light?

So beautiful...
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