Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Fall...

I so love the way they decorated with the little pumpkins
So it's beginning to look a lot  like FALL!!!!!  I so love this time of the year, something about seeing the lovely trees and beautiful fall decorations warms my soul.

It also helps that I'm a Thanksgiving baby!!!

Now that I've been in my apartment for a month and 4 days, I think its time I started bringing out the fall decorations! I have two lovely apothecary jars that I purchased at Wal-Mart on clearance at $7 each, I know too lucky, I'm going to fill them with some acorns.

I so wish I had a camera to share everything, including the 2 cute bistro style chairs I got at a local yard sale for a whooping 2 BUCKS!!! Yes, yes, I am the Queen Of Deals and I wear my crown proudly:)

After work yesterday I was able to stop buy Wal-mart again just to give their fall inventory a glance.

 Of course I ended up buying something but it was worth it, they have these very lovely artificial bouquets selling for $5. I got a single bunch for this lovely green vase I purchased at a local thrift store for $2. I was also able to checkout their paint section.

I think I'm going to try their Better Homes & Garden paints for the walls, I would love to use my original plan and go with paint by Behr, but I don't have the transportation. You have to make the best out of every situation!!! Well back to the drawing board!!!

I hope everyone enjoys this fall weather, I love the chilly weather!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Georgia Peaches

* In remembrance to those who lost their precious lives on September 11, 2001, I say may the Lord bless you and your families*
Georgia Peaches on my mind
Today I have the morning to myself, which is very rare because I mostly work during the morning. But I intend to enjoy every bit of this morning until I go to work this evening.

Since I work at a grocery store, I often come across the most awesome deals.

My awesome deal yesterday?

Fresh Georgia Peaches!!!

Now being as I myself am a born and raised in Georgia, Georgia Peach, it safe to say that I absolutely looooooovvveee PEACHES!!!! I love their softness, their sweetness and I especially love to cook with them!
     Last year I was determined to teach myself how to make Homemade Peach Cobbler, but since it was a cobbler for Thanksgiving all the lovely peaches were out of season. I would never use canned peaches, only fresh or frozen,but OMG how expensive the frozen are!! $4.99 a bag at my grocery store, even with my employee discount, I was still looking at spending $3.78 a bag.

The bargain shopper inside of me could only agree that we had no choice, we needed them, so we paid for them. The cobbler was great but after spending well over $10 for the peaches alone PLUS the other ingredients for a grand total of $25, I decided that as soon as this beautiful fruit was back in season I was going to freeze my own!!!

After combing the internet for an easy way to freeze them I came across what I was looking for at The steps look so simple, so here's hoping that I'm correct and they are. I have to pick up a few more items and maybe some more peaches but I'll share my adventure as soon as I'm done. Be blessed everyone!

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Been A Long Time...

I Love My New Apartment!!!

WOW... I have no clue when my last post was made but I'M BAAAACCCCK!!!! LOL

Everything has been a little on the hectic side as of late, I recently moved into my first apartment and boy am I excited!!! This is a moment that I have been waiting for for a good while.

I'm so proud of myself, because I met my goal, and I plan to meet many more. As you all know, moving can take A LOT out of you, but now that I've been here for a week and 4 days, I'm pretty much settled as far as unpacking and setting up what I already have.

Now comes the good stuff! -cue mischievous smile & laugh- I read so many inspiring blogs from truly phenomenal women! So it's my turn to show you all what I'm made of.

So far, I've chosen my paint colors, yes I can paint here as long as whenever I decide to leave I paint it back boring white, and spray painted 2 picture frames white. Now while I'm on the topic of spray paint, let me voice very loudly my frustration with the fact that I CANNOT find Rustoleum Heirloom White at any of my local paint shops!!!!

 I have one more shop, if it's not there then I will throw in the towel and continue my quest with another color. The 2 frames that have been spray painted were done so with a simple flat white that can easily be renewed with a beautiful spray of Heirloom White, if I can find it...groan.
Hopefully I will find the right camera for me and I will be able to share my progress with you all!!!
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