Saturday, October 29, 2011

Designing Woman...

A Donna Karan sketch

When I was a little girl, I dreamt that I would become a chef.

I loved any and everything that dealt with cooking. I especially loved being in the kitchen with my grandmothers. I would sit on my little barbie chair and watch as they fluttered about, measuring and mixing away.

Watching them cook, made me long for the day I would be old enough to get behind a stove and whip up something delicious.

Then, I discovered fashion design!

See growing up with 4 boys in the house, there was nothing girlie about me. I didn't read fashion magazines, I didn't care about keeping up with the "latest fashion", and I had no idea who Coco Chanel was... the horror!

What I do know is that when I drew my first outfit, something just seemed to click in place!
I knew that very instant that I wanted to design clothes & sew them myself for the rest of my life. 

Though my dream is coming along slowly, I'm not giving up!

After I take my final GED test, mathematics suck, the new journey to get into a fashion design school will begin, of course after I ace the ACTs!!!!

It helps to stay positive!

SCAD-Atlanta... My dream college!

4 designs from 2 of my collections... I soooo need sewing lessons!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby on my mind...

Too adorable...

It's happening all around me, AGAIN!

Friends and friends of friends are getting pregnant!!!

I'm happy for everyone, but... I long for my own child, and at the age of 27 and single and so NOT mingling... I feel a little left out.

This year BOTH of my best friends welcomed baby girls, Jade & Trinity (who should be here next week hopefully) and I am happy for them but at the same time I feel like the odd non-pregnant woman out.

For a long time I didn't want children.

After helping my single mom raise my 4 younger brother, I was a bit... tired I guess would be the word. I felt as if I had done enough parenting to last 5 couples... until I became older and I started to long for marriage and babies.

It sneaks up on you, just when you think you have life figured out something just poofs into your mind and the next thing you know, your baby crazy.

So far I know 4 women who are expecting and since I am close with them all, it means I shall be close with their lovely additions as well... but it's not the same...

I guess the only thing I can do is focus on work, get into college, bust my butt to graduate, and keep my fingers crossed that Mr. Right will appear when it is time for him to...

To my future life (hubby & all)... I'm waiting oh so patiently to meet you...

My First Flea Market Part 2...

I'm still buzzing off of my first trip to the flea market...

Even when I fell asleep, all I could dream about was having my own house and filling it with the lovely furniture I saw.

It will happen, I am working hard to make all of my wishes come true...

Until then, here are the lovely pieces that came home with me, money well I spent!

Milk Glass Pitcher, $8.

Vintage Lysol Bottles for flowers, $3.

Wall Sconces for my office, $5.

A Homer Lauglin plate to go with my Big Mama's collection, $7.

A piece of fabric for a future pillow, $2.

Perfect for hanging my aprons on, $8.

Vintage Plant Mist Sprayer, $1.

And something I HAD to have after seeing the cover of Garden & Gun magazine,

I can't wait to clean her up and serve some pie, $2.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My First Flea Market...

I have fallen in love... with a flea market.

Scott's Antique Market of Atlanta to be exact!

Yesterday was my first time at a flea market, EVER!
Yes, I know... WHERE HAVE I BEEN? under a rock apparently...

It was nothing like what I imagined, it was BETTER!!!!

Plus I was with my new found friend and "sister from another mother", Ms.J.

We both left the market, fully inspired and ready to tackle our own little side projects, that some how never seem to get completed.

Here are some of the beauties I saw:

Vintage Keys
Vintage Knobs

Antique Furniture, say hi Ms. J!
Beautiful Floral Pieces

Lovely Pie Safes
I will share the beauties that came home with me next post...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Stalking a Victorian House...

Who remembers the old Victorian house I coveted?

Well waaaay back last year, I found the most beautiful diamond in the rough I had ever seen.
It was old and in need of much care.
My precious...
Of course I immediately started to research about this lovely.

I wanted as much information as possible.

Low and behold, it turns out that I was slightly familiar with this house already.

When I was younger, I attended a summer camp that was created inside of a lovely craftsman style home I believe, RIGHT across from my lovely here.  

I LOVE front/back porches... I wander if it's a Southern thing...

I guess this house has been in the back of my mind, since we only passed it EVERY morning on our way to the camp.

Who knew huh?
Well in June of this year, I was disappointed to learn that my lovely was no longer on the market.

Oh how I mourned.

But I moved on and started to research others homes, though nothing compared to true beauty... Until about 3 days ago, I was hit with wave of thought to go online and try my best to find any new info on my lovely house...

I found the PERFECT site and it gave me the most wonderful news... The house is still available, only the listing expired and the owner has yet to place it back on the market...

Sweet from the front & the back...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dinner and an old Black & White Movie...

Mark of the Vampire (1935)

I'm so excited!

October is here and that means it's time for old horror movies on TCM. Though a great variety will be showcased throughout October, I'm looking forward to the movies that will be on all day on Halloween. My absolute fav is the movie, Mark of the Vampire.

I fell in love with this movie 2 years ago.

Horror icon, Bela Lugosi, plays Count Mora and he is joined by the hypnotic beauty Luna Mora, played by Carroll Borland.

My grandmother and I are planning a simple dinner: Subs & Wings, then we will collapse in front of the TV and watch what ever comes on until..... well until she or myself falls asleep I guess.

Oh the anticipation...

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