Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hi World!


Well this is very very new to me but I'm a firm believer in giving something a try at least once. My blog is titled Old Country Soul, though I'm in my mid 20s, because growing up around both my grandmothers has left a great impression on me to say the least.

 Since the day I was born, I have been surrounded by the constant love of both grandmothers. The bond I have with them is one that I treasure and hope that I can have with my own grand kids one day later on in life.

     My Grandmother Louiza, affectionately called Big Mama by us grand kids, was my everything!

If I was afraid to try something new, she would always tell me that anything she could do, I could do. I use her motto in EVERY aspect of my life! She was always fearless and that's what I miss about her the most. Her strength!!!

I remember when I was around 10, she and my Granddaddy Shot owned a cute little cafe in Mississippi and they served everything southern food had to offer. She allowed me to work as a waitress and helped me with my fear of people. I was terribly shy, but I would work and the next thing I knew I was enjoying myself so much that I never thought about being afraid again.

 My pillar of strength and protection passed away February 20, 2008. The same day of my mom's birthday. That day is bittersweet for me each year since her passing. But no matter what, I celebrate her life and the love she had for her entire family. She is the one who taught me the beginnings of crocheting and though she is not here to teach me all that she knew, I am determined to teach myself. I hope to share her creations with you all one day. They are so beautiful.

Grandmother & Grandfather Harris holding yours truly! I had some of the best summers of my life with them in Mississippi. Miss you both!!!
Now my Grandmother Charlotte, known by all as Grandma, is my thrifty shopping buddy!

Man do we hit the thrift stores HARD! Sometimes I think the shop owners want to run when they see us coming. My Grandma ALWAYS knows where the hot stores are. I tell her all the time she's too hip to be 65! Not only are we thrift store buddies but we are also cooking buddies.

Since I was born on Thanksgiving, which is my FAVORITE HOLIDAY, we make it a habit to try to top ourselves each year. Last year was so spectacular! We wanted everything just right!
Grandma hard at work on the collard greens, my fave! Is it Thanksgiving time yet?

Please excuse the rice box on the table.

 I made the center piece myself. EVERYTHING came from Dollar Tree, I so love that store!

I found those cute little vases and instantly thought of how perfect a pair of carnations would look in them

Can you see the napkins? We searched EVERYWHERE for those napkin holders, so lucky to have found theses at the Goodwill store

Can you see my peach cobbler? I went through a lot of work to make it and it was so worth it!

I rolled out the dough myself. So yummy!
     I'm constantly shopping at thrift stores, in the process of continuing my crochet lessons, and always up for cooking/baking something new! Its who I am and I love it. I thank these two beautiful women for filling me with so much that now I'm bursting with so much love and creativity! 

I only hope I make them proud of me! OK, I guess that was decent enough, I think I'll head out and will try this again later, hopefully soon. Bye world!

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