Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Fall...

I so love the way they decorated with the little pumpkins
So it's beginning to look a lot  like FALL!!!!!  I so love this time of the year, something about seeing the lovely trees and beautiful fall decorations warms my soul.

It also helps that I'm a Thanksgiving baby!!!

Now that I've been in my apartment for a month and 4 days, I think its time I started bringing out the fall decorations! I have two lovely apothecary jars that I purchased at Wal-Mart on clearance at $7 each, I know too lucky, I'm going to fill them with some acorns.

I so wish I had a camera to share everything, including the 2 cute bistro style chairs I got at a local yard sale for a whooping 2 BUCKS!!! Yes, yes, I am the Queen Of Deals and I wear my crown proudly:)

After work yesterday I was able to stop buy Wal-mart again just to give their fall inventory a glance.

 Of course I ended up buying something but it was worth it, they have these very lovely artificial bouquets selling for $5. I got a single bunch for this lovely green vase I purchased at a local thrift store for $2. I was also able to checkout their paint section.

I think I'm going to try their Better Homes & Garden paints for the walls, I would love to use my original plan and go with paint by Behr, but I don't have the transportation. You have to make the best out of every situation!!! Well back to the drawing board!!!

I hope everyone enjoys this fall weather, I love the chilly weather!

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