Saturday, September 17, 2011

Big Mama's Silverware

 3 years ago, my beloved Big Mama, (an affectionate alternate name for Grandma Harris), passed away and it broke me heart... I've come along way since then and am now able to handle her beautiful possessions bequeathed to me.

Upon arriving home after her funeral, I kept her belongs packed away until last year when I moved into my first apartment.

I now feel comfortable enough to embrace them and to share them here with you, my new found friends.

These were Big Mama's 1847 Rogers Bros Heritage Collection silverware. When we were dividing her belongs amongst the family, I mostly received her cooking sets because that was a passion she and I shared.
1847 Rogers Bros Heritage...
I wish that I had taken photographs of their condition prior to their cleaning. I suppose in her tender age and with her health problems, they were no longer needed. Though, if you could imagine silverware being burned, then that's the best interpretation I could give.

I've never polished silverware before so I had no clue what I was getting myself into when I started this project, but I'm glad that I did.

As I set out to restore each piece, I allowed myself to wonder about their history with Big Mama.
Since she is no longer with us, there is no one to ask who can give me the true details I long for.

To even speak her name sometimes brings a look of loneliness over my father's face so I know to ask him would be too much.

There is my aunt, but we are not close to that side of the family, though I hoped that with Big Mama's passing we all would be closer but my many attempts to stay in touch were never reciprocated so I gave up.
Sorry for the glare, I was trying to capture the
floral detail on their handles...

I wonder if they were a wedding gift... Big Mama was married 3 times. Her first husband was abusive and thankfully she left.
Her second husband was my biological grandfather, whom I never really knew, their marriage lasted long enough for my father and aunt to be born, then they parted ways.

But her third and final marriage was the one.

She married my Grandfather Shot, why the nickname Shot? I have no clue but truest me, all us grandkids adored him. Real grandfather or not. They actually married once before and divorced because Granddaddy had a drinking problem I believe and Big Mama left him until he straighten up.

I guess realizing a real treasure he got himself together and asked for her hand in marriage, again.
Remember my cute find from the thrift store here?
I thought it would be lovely to house the silverware...
I wonder if she used them for her Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners... With the family split, there were never any big family gathers for holiday dinners with Big Mama & Granddaddy. I wish there had been, maybe then I would have more memories with them both and with this lovely silverware.

Can you see all of my hard work to restore them?
 But that is alright, I shall make my own memories with them... Happy Saturday!

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Olga said...

Your silverware is so beautiful and so special because it was your grandmother's.

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