Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Lovely & Thrifty Day

Today was such a nice day! Not only did I have the company of my friend Brittany, but we also got the chance to hit up the local thrift stores to find some stuff for her future apartment and mine as well. This is her first apartment and we've all been there, needing to find the things we need to make our new place a real home. She purchased a mattress set and she found a great sofa bed in wonderful condition for a steal, just $75!!!! Can you believe it?!?

I did pretty good too, though I'm not moving into my future place until August, I like to be prepared. So every chance spent inside of a thrift store is a chance of making my home truly complete for when I move in. Here are some of the other steals that I made away with:

(purchased for $3; great with some paint, a flower pot and some great blooms)

(purchased for $3; so happy I found this priced one at a local shop and they were asking for $9.99, I'm so going to use my Grandma's Baked Mac & Cheese recipe for this one!!!)

(altogether purchased for $2.50; some great nicknack for the apartment)

(purchased for $4; still don't know what I want to do with these but I will find something)
(purchased for $1 & $1.25; I like these for my half bath, I want to use them for qtips and cotton balls)

(orginally $5 BUT purchased for $2.50; the shop owner saw that it had a chip and instantly told me I could have it half off, I didn't even have to ask!!!. Great for flowers!!)

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