Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gooble, Gooble Day & My Birthday...

Yes it's my birthday!!!! AND yes, it's Thanksgiving too!!!!

This does not happen very often so I plan to enjoy myself to the fullest today!

Hoping that everyone has a very safe and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Here's the centerpiece I created for my Grandmother's table today:

Lovely fabric from Hobby Lobby.

A beautiful basket, also from Hobby Lobby.

Yes!!! They look great together.

Time to glue it all together.

A great assortment of artificials from... yes you guessed it, Hobby Lobby.

Foam is glued in, time to arrange the flowers.

The end result! She 's going to swoon over this!!!

Oh and I think I'm in love with Hobby Lobby, did you guess:))

1 comment:

Melissah fom Scrapbook said...

Happy Belated Birthday ... sorry I missed it!
Lovely centre piece for thanksgiving

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