Saturday, October 29, 2011

Designing Woman...

A Donna Karan sketch

When I was a little girl, I dreamt that I would become a chef.

I loved any and everything that dealt with cooking. I especially loved being in the kitchen with my grandmothers. I would sit on my little barbie chair and watch as they fluttered about, measuring and mixing away.

Watching them cook, made me long for the day I would be old enough to get behind a stove and whip up something delicious.

Then, I discovered fashion design!

See growing up with 4 boys in the house, there was nothing girlie about me. I didn't read fashion magazines, I didn't care about keeping up with the "latest fashion", and I had no idea who Coco Chanel was... the horror!

What I do know is that when I drew my first outfit, something just seemed to click in place!
I knew that very instant that I wanted to design clothes & sew them myself for the rest of my life. 

Though my dream is coming along slowly, I'm not giving up!

After I take my final GED test, mathematics suck, the new journey to get into a fashion design school will begin, of course after I ace the ACTs!!!!

It helps to stay positive!

SCAD-Atlanta... My dream college!

4 designs from 2 of my collections... I soooo need sewing lessons!!!


Melissah from Scrapbbok said...

I love the sketch. I started off with a degree in fashion then moved into interior design about 1o years later. Both have been a lot of fun & they both cross over in my career all the time. Good luck with the plan.

Old Country Soul... said...

Thank you Melissah! I love both fashion & interior desgin as well. As long as I get to play with fabric I'm a happy woman.

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