Saturday, April 21, 2012

Buying Local Ingredients ...

... Is something that I've always wanted to do, but I never knew where to begin.

That is until my bestie/business partner took me strawberry picking last week!!!
It was such a joy to be out in the sun, picking from the Earth.

(Cottle Strawberry Farm located in Fayetteville, Georgia)
 We quickly filled our $11 Cottle container, but we were not quite ready to return home. 
So we decided to do one of our favorite past times, HOUSE STALKING!!!

Which lead us past a small sign that advertised FRESH FARM EGGS!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe our luck?

But since it was already late in the day, we vowed to return another time.

And return we did!

(Fresh Eggs from Flintwood Far, in Fayetteville, Georgia)

For a carton we paid $5, the owner a very kind woman, told us that if we like these, then she will sell us 30 eggs for $10.

She was also kind enough to reassure me that her chicks/hens "scratch" for their food and that she and her husband allow them to also go out on the land to scavenge as much as possible. While they are not fed organic feed, they are more on the natural route either way being as they are allowed to "scratch" and eat things like worms, etc. Plus she feeds them veggies like lettuce that she grows herself. She also puts natural grapefruit oil in their water.

I've read some horrible things online about the way chicks/hens are fed and the owner herself told us about a gentlemen who also raises chicks/hens, who laces their water with of all things, BLEACH!!!!

I couldn't imagine eating an egg laced with bleach! YUCK!

Since my bestie and I have never used fresh farm eggs before, we decided to spilt the carton so that if we don't like them then at least we didn't waste $5 each.

I can't wait to start baking with them...


Jane said...

I can completely relate to your joy in picking your own berries and finding fresh eggs. Whenever I get to do things like that, which is not often enough, I feel like the foods/ingredients are precious and I really want to make something wonderful with them.

Old Country Soul... said...

Hello Jane!
I'm not able to pick as often as I would like but boy is it a wonderful feeling. I've found an apple ochard, hopefully I can add fresh Georgia Apples to my growning list of fresh ingredients soon. Love your blog!:))

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