Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have To Do What's Best...

(It's time we leave & explore)
...For you that is.

Remember my post about my apartment?

I do, vividly!

I love the excitement I had about having my own place and starting new goals. Sadly though, since moving here all I've really done is WORK and get further into debt.

Even then, I still LOVED my apartment. But that has all come to an end. I am no longer happy.

Since last year, July to be exact, I've been calling my rent office because my dishwasher is no longer working and the door has fallen off. ( I've also been calling since January of this year about my upstairs toilet being busted. They fixed it 2 weeks ago, before that I had to run downstairs every time to use the downstairs 1/2 bath).

~~~~~SINCE LAST JULY!!!!~~~~~

To date, the darn dishwasher is STILL in the same condition as last year!

I've called every week to put in work orders. I've even spoken to both the manager and co-manager in person AND on the phone about the situation. (Once, the co-manager left me on hold and would not pick up the phone when I called back)

So again I decided to try to speak with the manager in person, did I mention AGAIN!!!! His response?

~~~~~Slight hostility!!!~~~~~

He told me that the complex has money so there is no reason for it to still be busted and that I should have come and spoken to him. But this one is the real reason I've decided to pack it in, this man told me that I should stay on him so that the problem gets fixed.

I work a 40 hour job PLUS I come home and put in another 8 hours for my business. I don't have the type of time that most have, where I can continually go to the rent office to complain about something.

SO if I'm calling almost EVERY week then that should let you know that the problem is not being handled. I mean come on, numerous work orders coming in for the SAME problem AND from the SAME apartment and you can't put 2 and 2 together???!!!!???

Not only has he forgotten that I DID come and speak to him in person but he's also LOST his mind to think that I'm going to STAY ON HIM TO DO HIS JOB!!!

My job is to work and make sure that I hand in my rent on time. Which I have done very well since the day I moved in. My job is not to stay on top of another person's responsibilities!!!

Even when I did attempt to call him about the dishwasher still being broken a week after our last encounter, he left me hold on, only to have his secretary tell more lies about someone coming to fix it.

That was the last straw!

WHY am I giving my hard earned money to a complex that is too lazy to fix what's broken and too insensitive to apologize for their mistakes!

That is why I have decided to move back in with my mother and younger siblings. Only until I finish getting my self out of debt and with me not giving up $600 a month to these jerks I can do it a lot faster!!!

Wish me luck!

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