Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Wait is Over... & A Surprise For You...

(Hard at work!)

There has been far too much time since my last post.
Truly sorry...

Starting a business plus working my day job has consumed so much of my time
and energy. Much more than I thought it would.
The business is going well, trying to get the online part of selling our baked goods under way
is a bit of a struggle but it will all work itself out!!

Ok, now for the surprise...

Who remembers the lovely Victorian that I have been eyeing?
Well last Sunday, Kim my other bestie, her lovely daughter & my god baby Jade and myself decided to do some house stalking and we of course had to make the 45 minute voyage out to see my precious.
I swear that house knows me and is waiting for me. As soon as we pulled up I instantly felt like I was home. With the windows tightly boarded up, and most broken, all we could do was admire the exterior. No matter, I was still content.

After having our eyeful, we decided that it was time to drop me back off at my boring apartment (so unhappy here, but that's for another blog)...
As we were strapping Baby Jade back into her car seat, a man suddenly whips his car behind ours preventing us from leaving!!!
Turns out it's the OWNER of the house!!!
He saw us from the building that he was renovating and actually thought that we were VANDALISING my precious Victorian!!!

I expressed to him how much I adored the house and could never do anything to harm it. Not only did he understand but after a little persuasion from my bestie, I SO LOVE HER, he allowed us to view the house's interior!!!


Of all days to forget my trusty camera:(

No matter, nothing not even my forgetfulness could ruin that moment.

The house was built in 1920, with 9 bedrooms and 1 bath. I can only guess that it was used as a boarder home back in those days. We've all seen it in those old black & white movies, a lot of tenants sharing 1 bath room. Those days when coffee was 5 cents and sugar was 35 cents a lb. (Yea we wish we could return to those prices!)

Not only does it need new windows but it also needs a heating/cooling system and MAJOR rewiring! The owner says he would be up for financing if I had $50,000 but who has that! Not only do I not have that but I barely have $100 in the bank.

But I'm not giving up hope, not only will I own that home, I will restore it and make it a real home once again. That's a promise I plan to keep to myself.

Oh and surprise # 2:

I searched my computer and I found the pictures of the homes interior back when it was still on the market, enjoy:
(Welcome Home)

(I so picture a swing, hydrangea bushes & iced tea)

(She just needs some TLC)

(So much land with so much potential)

(The living room, through the entry way is maybe the world's smallest kitchen)

(Another view from the living room)

(The fireplaces are coal burning so they cannot be used)

(No clue which room this is, there were so many)

(I can almost picture the decorations I would love to create here)

(Fireplace's are so welcoming, I wonder if this could be converted?)

(I would love to keep all of the old furniture pieces, they are beautiful)

(Another bedroom)

(Upstairs bedroom)

(A beautiful shot of her exterior)

(She is just screaming for a wrap around porch!!!)

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