Saturday, April 17, 2010


Shimber me timbers!... i think

So as you can gather from my title (BIG HINT),  I'm getting ready to have a fish fry with my family. This is VERY new to me, I've never been to a fish fry, especially not with all of my family around.

See the fam and I have decided that we all should be closer, so once a month we all come together and enjoy a meal that my grammie and I cook together. Thats actually my most fav of all, is cooking with my grams. We try to do different themes so that everyone doesnt get too sick of eating the same ole same. So this month is the fish fry and I can't wait!!!!!!!

At the moment I'm trying to muster up the energy to finish cleaning my room and I havent even begun to contemplate what I'm going to wear. What does one wear to a family gather like this?... (and I'm the fashion designer huh? lol).

 Well no matters I'll hopefully find the energy to do both, lacking a little bit because my mother awoke me this morning saying she wanted to go for an imprompto 2 mile walk, but I did it for the extra bonding with my mom and I'm happy I did.

Oh well I guess it's time to get this show moving forward. Have a blessed day all!!!

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