Monday, April 26, 2010

Iman Park Festival 2010!!!!!!

So this weekend, I was able to attend the Inman Park Festival with my aunt and I saw some AMAZING arts and crafts. I've lived in Ga my entire life but I had never truly been to the Little 5 Points area, where the festival was located, but let me tell you I had a ball!

There were so many booths!!! I had no clue where to begin, so we just walked all over and witnessed some great things and some not so great things, yikes.
After a few minutes of browsing, we decided that it would be so much better to grab a bite to eat first then dive into the madness. We walked to a great little pizza place and had some pepperoni and onion slices with a side of Blue Moon beer...yummy:)

After ordering some friends arrived and decided they wanted sushi yuck, so I downed my beer and pizza and we were off. I don't do sushi but I do shrimp fried rice, had to soak up the rest of the beer , and off we went back to the festival.
Well...not right back to the festival... Little 5 Points has some great clothing stores and the fashion designer inside of me had to witness the glory! So after an hour of browsing we hurried back to the festival and I began my search for the perfect item to take with me.

I wasn't expecting to go to the festival so cash wise all I had was $5, and I refuse to remove cash from ATMs unless it's my banks. That's when it happened, my eyes landed on a gorgeous bracelet for, yes you guessed right, $5!!!!!!!
Where have you been all of my life?
Needless to say I'm in love with this bracelet and since I'm going to a concert in June, now all I have to do is find a great pair of heels and an awesome dress for the concert!!!:)


Razmataz said...

Hi Naka, I am so happy because I see that I am your first follower. I think that is a first for me too. Love your profile and look forward to following your blog to see what you learned from those grandmothers and your life as a fashion designer.


:::NAKA::: said...

Hi Chania!! Please forgive me, I only now just learned how to see if I have comments. Never paid attetion when I would sign in. I hope you have had the chance to read more and I must say I adore your blog and your shop so much. I'm constantly telling my friends about them both!


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