Friday, April 23, 2010

Interview With A Victorian House

I had to take a keepsake, so I plucked these off a bush next to the house
So... Today I finally got to see the glory of my dream home.

It was everything I imagined and more! My dad and I took the long 30 minute drive (if you don't know where you are going it's about 30 minutes , though now we do so hopefully it will only be 18 or 20 minutes next visit), and after a few misguided directions, mapquest sucks, we arrived!

It was too beautiful in person versus seeing it online. It has so much character AND so much land!!! Coming from my background (I've lived in apartments since the womb) there's never enough land and this was just what I want. I can build a personal design studio, put in a pool, build up a garden AND create a playground for my future bambinos!

I recognized the area as soon as we pulled up, I had attended a summer camp just 2 houses away when I was younger, so I was slightly familiar with the area. Palmetto, Georgia is actually lovely & peaceful. It has a very small town feel, which is something that I've always enjoyed since I was child and I would take summer vacations at my grandparents house in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Working in their cafe allowed me to see a lot of the old scenery from the old days because all of the original shops and houses were around the cafe.

The house definitely needs some MAJOR love and care. The wood is quite old and some boards are missing, a private fence needs to be installed for extra privacy and security, the overgrown trees and bushes need to be tamed, and the bottom half of the house needs to be rebricked. That's a lot of work for someone who has no money, no career (until school is finished) and no real knowledge of home improvement (besides what I've seen on TV).

But........ There's something about this house that screams to me. Even if I can't purchase it, I like that fact that I'm going to still try.

Its always good to try....:)


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