Thursday, July 8, 2010

Barstools Anyone?

My inspiration pic
So, next month I officially move into my very own apartment and boy I can't wait!!!!! Currently I'm trying to figure out which stools will look good with this cute kitchen set I plan on buying.

It comes with 2 stools of it own, but they are backless and though I plan to eventually replace them they will do for now along with the additions I want to incorpoarte with them.
My bestie and I stopped by Target yesterday and I got a feel for what they had on hand but I was hoping to find more options online and boy did I :
These looks similar to the ones I like in the above pic, and reasonably priced $89.99
This one is more decoravtive but the style is amazing, $79.99

Simple but it looks so comfortable, $89.99
I really like this one but I'm still tryin to figure out if it will go with the look I'm after, $69.98
  Well hopefully I will find what I'm looking for soon...

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