Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Best Thrift Store Find!!

Ok, so remember my last post about my search for the perfect stools for my new dining table?

Well, the search is FINALLY over!!!! After working the graveyard shift, I was so tired and all I wanted was to get home and climb into bed. Yeah that didn't work out so well since I live so close to my favorite thrift store.

As I tried to make the turn to go home, I saw the most beautiful stools out front and I HAD to check them out.

There were 4... 2 in good shape and 2 in not so good shape. The deal was $70 bucks for all 4, but I only need 2, so I was able to them a good price,  $20 each instead of the original $25.

It was so meant to be, they fitted perfectly inside of my car! That rarely happens for me. But now that I'm thinking about it, I did see some lovely candle holders so worth the price of $5 each for the pair. I so should have scooped them up. Here's hoping they are there on Friday!*fingers crossed*

My lucky thrifty finds:

Cushions included! Even better!

Please ignore the clutter, packing in progress


Sherry said...

What a great deal! And they are so close to your inspiration pic. Love that. Thanks for stopping by.

Olga said...

That's a good deal indeed.

:::NAKA::: said...

@ sherry... yes they are, i feel so lucky to have found them!!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

@ olga... yes i so love a great deal!!! after my thrift store exile, i hope to find more to share. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

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