Monday, July 5, 2010


The lovely couple
Can you tell how excited I am by my title alone?

The day has finally arrived for my bestie to walk down the isle and marry her guy and I , of course, will be her bridesmaid. Last week I was fitted for my dress and boy was that a horrible experience!

I had to try on a bustier, that turned out to be USED and DIRTY...ewwwww, but all in all the dress was amazing. But of course I was forgetting something right?... Yes you guessed it, the JEWELRY!!!!

My bestie asked me if I had my jewels and just so I didn't have to witness a bridezilla moment, I fibbed and said yes!

As soon as she and the soon-to-be hubby dropped me off, I immediately ran to my computer and got on,, and ordered the most beautiful jewels!

They all match so perfectly and you know I'm going to share:
This bracelet matched so well with the necklace & earrings
I so adore this necklace

Silver floral with faux pearls in the center, great match for the necklace
A lady must always have a purse for any occasion
I bought this but I gave it the Bride for her somehing new
Isn't everything so adorable? Awww I CAN"T WAIT!!!

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