Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Search May Be Over...

     Have you ever wanted something so badly that you find yourself searching for it all the time?

 That's how I've been feeling lately about finding my own china cabinet. Oh how I've searched!!! Since most of my time is spent working, I don't have a lot of time to thrifty shop the way I would like to.

So, I have to settle for the internet and boy is that hard!!!! Some places only offer pick up and then others are just priced so high that it actually made me feel as if I would never have my own. I had actually almost given up my search...

     Well...that was until I came across this lovely diamond at

Hello there beautiful.

It's PERFECT, for me anyways! I wanted a cabinet that wasn't too big, but that also had an open shelf. To find this is the best feeling! I love the crown molding detailing at the top. Once I have everything in my new place, I plan to paint!

I love the paint Heirloom White. I know it's been talked about all over the blogging world but I can't help but to jump on this band wagon. Now all I have to do is save the money and have it delivered.

Hoping to have it within at least the next month. *fingers crossed*


Robyn said...

That's a
PERFECT PERFECT cabinet! It's going to be awesome in Heirloom white! (one of my FAVE colors!)

:::NAKA::: said...

I so agree! Heirloom White is now on my list of favs! I canNOT wait to purchase and paint her up!

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