Sunday, October 9, 2011

My First Flea Market...

I have fallen in love... with a flea market.

Scott's Antique Market of Atlanta to be exact!

Yesterday was my first time at a flea market, EVER!
Yes, I know... WHERE HAVE I BEEN? under a rock apparently...

It was nothing like what I imagined, it was BETTER!!!!

Plus I was with my new found friend and "sister from another mother", Ms.J.

We both left the market, fully inspired and ready to tackle our own little side projects, that some how never seem to get completed.

Here are some of the beauties I saw:

Vintage Keys
Vintage Knobs

Antique Furniture, say hi Ms. J!
Beautiful Floral Pieces

Lovely Pie Safes
I will share the beauties that came home with me next post...

1 comment:

Melissah said...

It sounds like you had a great day and a whole new world has opened up!
Melissah from Coastal Style

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